Different Keno Tickets

There are multiple variations on the traditional keno ticket. While the original ticket design has nothing more complicated than 80 numbers in a grid from which a player picks his or her number, other ticket designs have a bit more to them. Get you poker bonus at bonussunpoker.com website.

Combined Tickets

Keno straight tickets are the most traditional form of ticket where players select one set of numbers on which they place a single bet. Combined tickets, on the other hand, allow players to put multiple sets of numbers each with their own bet all on the same ticket, just like chip dumping in the game of poker. These tickets may extend across multiple rounds or just encompass various separate sets of bets. Such tickets can be hard to mark, since players must keep each bet separate, even as the numbers overlap. After all, players bet on a set of numbers, not just any number on a ticket available on oline casino.

Split Tickets

Split tickets are a special type of combined ticket in which multiple sets of numbers are separated from each other on the ticket. Try to play play omaha poker for fun. A player can divide his or her ticket into multiple quadrants, with each corner of the ticket making up a separate bet. It's possible for a player to divide his or her ticket in to as many different sections as he or she wants, but each section and set of numbers still requires a unique bet to be place in order to qualify that set for the game. Find out if Grizzly gambling offers keno online.

Players can divide their tickets up, combine multiple tickets, or simply mark up a straight ticket with a single set of the players luckiest numbers. The choice is up to them.